Telegram App: Why It Is Better Than WhatsApp

why is telegram better than whatsapp

Do you need a fast, secure, and free messenger app? Let’s get to know about Telegram App.

This post will cover about:

  • What Telegram app is
  • What Telegram is used for?
  • Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp
  • How to get Telegram

Let’s dive right in.

Telegram app

What is Telegram app?

Telegram is a free and simple messenger application that emphasizes speed and security. It works on multiple devices, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Its fast synchronizing feature allows you to use Telegram on different devices at the same time.

Telegram app has become one of the 10 most downloaded apps around the globe. Over 400 million active users have used Telegram app to send unlimited texts, images, videos, audio, and document files. Not only sending chats, you are also able to make an audio or video call via Telegram.

Creating a group with a huge number of members is just a piece of cake in Telegram. The feature is called channel which can hold up to 200,000 members. It’s so useful to broadcast information to thousands of member at once.

What is Telegram used for?

If you are looking for a fast and secure messenger app, then Telegram is perfect for you. Telegram app is also ideal for businesses or small teams who need to create a large group with 200,000 of member to share information. Use reply, mention, and hashtag for specific response in the group. This can make the communication around members easier and more efficient.

It’s swift sync speed lets you to chat in multiple devices at once. You can start typing your message in your smartphone and finish it in the Telegram desktop. This feature is very useful if you work on multiple devices.

Privacy in Telegram is essential. It uses an end-to-end encryption to protect your chats and calls so that no one can listen to you. Use the self-destruct feature if you don’t want to leave any trace for the files or messages that you send.

Most importantly, your data remain safe and Telegram app doesn’t take many information that links to you It only takes user ID, phone numbers, and contacts. Unlike WhatsApp that takes your harsh location, purchase history, device ID, etc.

Do you like to send big-size files? No worries. The Telegram app can send videos and files up to 1.5GB. It is quite useful if you want to send big files simply. No need to compress your files to smaller sizes in advance. Just choose the files that you want and press send.

No more compressed images on Telegram. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram keeps the images you send uncompressed. So, the images quality will remain good.

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is telegram better than whatsapp

Why is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

We try to compare several functions of WhatsApp and Telegram to see which app is better.

Data collection

If you take a slight look, Telegram and WhatsApp are quite a like. Both apps are a messenger app which allows you to send messages and files. You can also make audio and video calls using the apps. They have end-to-end encryption that protect your messages and calls. You see that they have very similar basic functions.

But, let’s have a closer look.

WhatsApp takes too much information of yours than Telegram.

If you take a look at WhatsApp permission, you will see that the app is trying to collect data as much as possible.

What data that WhatsApp is trying to collect?

WhatsApp can have access to user’s personal information like contacts, phone status and identity, precise location, time logs, usage stats, and other sensitive data.

Meanwhile, Telegram only collects your user ID, phone number, and contacts. Telegram uses your contacts for function purpose only. It will not keep your contacts.

Group chat

Telegram: You can create a channel or group with up to 200,000 members. It allows you to broadcast messages to a community with a large number of members. The admin can set who can contribute to the group. You can also mute the group and only allow notifications from particular users.

WhatsApp: One group can have up to 256 members. The creators can choose who will be the admins for the group. You can mute the group notifications in three ways: 8 hours, 1 week, and forever.

Advertising policy

I believe you have heard how WhatsApp shared data with Facebook for advertisement purposes. Somehow, this is a bad idea that could be implemented. I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to receive ads in a 1-to-1 chat. The chat should be private after all.

Telegram app never has any intention to take your data for advertisement targeting. In his channel, Pavel Valerievich Durov mentioned clearly that Telegram app will stay free from any ads. He did say that Telegram needs at least a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going.

He has come up with some ideas about how to make money to support Telegram. He added that when Telegram started making money, it should benefit the community as well.

Data Backup

It is important to backup your data on a regular basis. For this reason, both Telegram and WhatsApp provide a backup feature.

In Telegram app, you can backup your chat data in its private cloud server. Your data will be encrypted so it remains safe.

While WhatsApp uses a third-party like Google Drive or iCloud to backup your data. However, the data you store in the third party is not encrypted at all. It’s pretty dangerous if someone can access your Drive or iCloud account.

File size limit

Sending huge files is not a problem to Telegram. It allows you to send videos, photos, and document files up to 1.5GB. You can send the origin files without needing to convert it in advance.

However, this doesn’t apply to WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp only lets you to send files less than 100MB. You need to convert your file to be smaller in size, or use a third party to send big files.

WhatsApp will also convert your images or photos to be smaller. Somehow, it will reduce the quality.

There is a trick to send images without being converted: send them as a document file. WhatsApp will recognize the images as a document file. Thus, the size remains original.

So, which is better?

After reading the comparison above, I believe you have agreed that Telegram app is way better than WhatsApp in terms of privacy, group members, and sending huge files.

But the decision is yours whether you want to use Telegram or WhatsApp as your daily messenger app.

Lastly, don’t risk your data security and privacy to send messages.

is telegram better than whatsapp

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How to get Telegram

If you are interested to get Telegram app for your devices, you can click the links below. Telegram is available for mobile apps and desktop.

The Telegram mobile version supports, Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone), and Windows Phone. Whereas the Telegram desktop is available for PC/Mac/Linux, MacOS, and web-browser.

telegram desktop web
Telegram for Windows

Portable version for Windows

telegram for mac

Mac App Store Version

telegram for linux
telegram for linux 64 bit

Telegram for Windows Phone

Use Telegram web-browser if you don’t want to install it on your computer. Just use your web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Brave.

How to delete Telegram Account

Basically, Telegram will delete your account if you are inactive for 6 months. But, you can delete your Telegram account faster. Telegram gives you several options for the inactive time duration before your account completely disappears.

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security.
  2. Under the Delete my account section, tap on If away for.
  3. Choose the period that you desire 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

Once you are being inactive for the chosen period of time, the system will delete your Telegram account along with the chats history.

Final Words

Telegram app is all you need if you are looking for a fast and secure messenger app that supports multiple devices. It’s also the best app to send big files between devices in an easy way.

Besides, Telegram is also the best app for broadcasting news and information to a large numbers of community at once.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Support.

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