Norton 360 vs Avast: Which Antivirus is the Best?

norton 360 vs avast

Do you need antivirus software? Let’s take a look at Norton 360 vs Avast comparison. Which antivirus is the best for you? Read the discussion below to get the answer.

According to DataProt, there are over 560,000 pieces of malware detected every day. And in every minute there are four companies that become victims of ransomware attacks.

It sounds scary, isn’t it? It can be scarier as you can be the next victim of the malware attack that ends up in your data being stolen.

That’s why you need to keep your devices safe when you’re online. One of the ways is using an antivirus. Antivirus software will protect your devices from malware and malicious program.

You must have heard about the well-respected antivirus programs: Norton and Avast. Those two antivirus programs are the top tools against malware

Let’s put Norton vs Avast head to head and compare the features, plans, integration, performance, and customer support.

In the end, we will have the answer for Norton vs Avast: Which antivirus is the best?

Norton 360 vs Avast: Which Antivirus is the Best?

Here is a short summary of Norton 360 vs Avast:

norton 360 vs avast


There is a price for the quality. In this section, let’s compare the price of Avast and Norton and see if the price is worth it for the features offered.

Norton 360Avast
Free TrialFree Trial
Norton Antivirus Plus ($39.99/year*)Avast Premium Security ($44.99/year*)
Norton 360 Premium I ($54.99/year*)Avast Ultimate ($49.99/year*)
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select ($99.48/year*)SecureLine VPN ($3.99/mo/1 device)*
Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus ($249.88/year*)Breach Guard ($19.99/year)*
Norton Secure VPN ($4.99/month)Cleanup Premium ($29.99/year)*
Norton Computer Tune Up ($49.99/service)Driver Updater ($49.99/year)
Norton Family ($49.99/year)Avast Small Office Protection ($139.99/year)
Norton Ultimate Help Desk – Three Devices ($19.99/month)Avast Business Antivirus ($36.99/year)
Norton Ultimate Premium ($39.99/year)Avast Business Antivirus Pro ($46.99/year)
Norton Small Business ($99.99/year)Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus ($56.99/year)
Avast for Gamers ($44.99/year*)Avast Business Antivirus for Linux ($259.99/year)
Avast Business Patch ($14.99/year)

*First years price

Avast offers a free antivirus program with limited features while Norton 360 only provides a 7-day trial. Though it is free, the free version of Avast is quite powerful to protect you against viruses, malware, and ransomware attack. However, it cannot protect you when you’re online. Thus, you need to upgrade it to the paid version.

Avast has more devices to cover than Norton 360. The basic paid version, Avast Premium Security, is able to protect up to 10 devices. It’s two times higher than Norton Antivirus Plus that is only able to protect up to 5 devices at once.

Though some Norton products have fewer devices to protect than Avast, they have more interesting packages to take. In the package, Norton not only offers antivirus, but also it also provides Cloud Backup up to 500GB, Password Manager, Secure VPN, SafeCam, and many more. In Avast, you need to make additional purchases if you want to have those features as well, which leads you to pay more money in the end. Read this article to know more about Avast.

For instance, Norton 360 Premium I costs $54.99 in the first year. It is $10 more expensive compare to Avast Ultimate which only costs $49.99 in the first year. Both products can protect up to 10 devices against viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware attack. Even so, Norton 360 Premium I has more features like 100GB Cloud Backup, Password Manager, Parental Control, Secure VPN, SafeCam, and even School Time.

That said, in Norton 360 vs Avast pricing battle, the winner goes to Norton 360. It may be a little more expensive than Avast, but it has a better package of features to offer.

avast vs norton


Moving on to the features. As an antivirus program, both Avast and Norton 360 have the ability to protect devices from viruses, malicious programs, and ransomware attacks. But it’s not the only feature that they have. In this Norton 360 vs Avast section, we’ll see what they are capable of.

Norton 360 comes up with a new feature, School Time. Keeping your kids focus during remote learning can be pretty challenging. Kids get bored easily because they spend most of their time sitting and staring at the screen listening to the teacher. When they get bored, usually they will either leave or open other websites.

As a parent, you can use the School Time on Norton 360 to keep your kids stay focus on their schoolwork during remote learning. You can create a list of education-related websites that your kids can open and block websites that will distract your kids. So, you don’t need to worry that your kids will accidentally open unwanted websites when you are not around.

SafeCam is another great feature by Norton 360. Do you know that spyware silently accesses your cam? They can take photos or even videos without your concern. To avoid this terrible thing happens to you, Norton 360 is securing access to your webcam. It monitors the apps that have permission to use the camera on your device and block any suspicious threats. You will also get a notification if there is someone who wants to access your webcam.

Besides School Time and SafeCam, Norton 360 also has other wonderful features like Dark Web monitoring, Parental Control, Cloud Backup, Password Manager, and many more. What makes it interesting is that those splendid features are in the package of the plan that you take. You don’t need additional purchases to have those features.

Meanwhile, Avast has an Anti Track feature that will secure your privacy when you’re online. Do you know that 75% of websites that you visit are tracking you? Even in top sites, they have more than 1,000 trackers hidden. These trackers are collecting information about your location, interest, behaviors, and many more for advertisement purposes. Not to mention there are hackers that will try to steal your personal information.

For that reason, keeping your identity private when online is important. AntiTrack from Avast will hide your personal information from advertisers and hackers. It automatically blocks and exposes the advertisers that are trying to track your online activities.

Avast also has a BreachGuard feature that will automatically secure your personal information when your favorite website is hacked. This feature has a similar function to the Dark Web monitoring feature from Norton. If your personal info leaks, BreachGuard will take the necessary actions to secure it. One of the actions is sending a request to remove your personal info from the data broker databases.

After a period of time, usually, our device will get sluggish. The performance will slow down and sometimes it takes quite a long time to open an app. Not to mention that we have a notification saying we are running out of internal memory. If you experience this problem, you can use the Cleanup Premium feature on Avast to solve it.

There are also SecureLine VPN, network security, fake sites detector, and many more useful features from Avast that will protect you when online. However, some of those features are standalone, which means they are not included in the pricing plans. You need to make additional purchases depending on the feature that you want to use.

As a bottom line, both Norton 360 and Avast do have powerful and useful features to make you feel safe when connecting to the internet. However, in this Avast vs Norton 360 features battle, Norton 360 is the winner because it offers more complete features in each plan. 

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How fast the antivirus scan the computer? Will it take too many resources when running a full scan? To answer those two questions, let’s take a look at the performance of Norton 360 vs Avast.

Avast is able to prevent the computer against malicious programs excellently. But, you will need good computer specs to have Avast does its job without burdening the performance. It takes quite a lot of resources to run the program. You might find your computer becomes sluggish if the specs are not high enough.

Even for a quick scan, Avast uses more resources than Norton. You might not feel it when you are using a high-end computer, but there will be a different story if you are using a low-end computer.

In contrast, Norton 360 can run well on a computer with standard specs. Even when Norton is running in the background. It doesn’t become a resource hogging. It uses less than half as much as Avast does. However, it will be different if you are running a full scan. You should leave your computer until it’s done.

That being said, Norton is the winner in this Avast vs Norton performance battle.


We can connect to the internet from mobile phones, tablets, PC, and laptops. Everyone at least has two devices that are connected to the internet. It is important to have antivirus software that can cover all your devices of yours.

Both Avast and Norton are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Avast lets you choose to cover 1 device or 10 devices at once. While Norton 360 offers protection for 5 to 10 devices depending on the plan you choose.

If you only have one device to cover, Avast will be your best choice. However, by adding $10 more, you can have 10 devices to cover. So, it’s cheaper to choose a plan that covers 10 devices rather than for 1 device.

On the other hand, Norton 360 Standard only covers 5 devices. You can choose it if you have around 5 devices that connect to the internet. It’s cheaper than Avast standard plan.

For language support, Norton is available in 13 languages, including Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Dutch. While Avast is only available in English.

As a wrap-up, the result of Norton 360 vs Avast in this integration section is a draw. But if we count in the language support, the winner goes to Norton 360 as it supports more languages than Avast.

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Customer Support

Customer Support is another aspect to consider for choosing antivirus software. If you are not a computer geek, Customer Support will be the best way to get a solution for any problems that you face. Hence, having helpful Support is an advantage.

Avast only provides tickets as Customer Support. It’s not flexible because you only have one option to contact Support. So, if you encounter a problem with your Avast software or have something to ask, you should send a ticket. And it takes time to get the answers.

In contrast, Norton 360 provides several ways to contact Support. You can use email, tickets, phone, and live support. Just choose which method that you feel comfortable with. If you need a direct answer, calling by phone or using live chat is the best way. They are ready 24/7, but the support is available in English only.

To conclude, Norton 360 has a good way of getting in touch with its customers. The Agents can use Remote Assistance to give you a real quick solution.

Final Words: Norton 360 vs Avast: Which Antivirus is the Best?

Those were the comparison of Norton 360 vs Avast from several aspects. And it is clear that Norton 360 takes the lead in the battle.

However, the result is not absolute because everyone is using a different computer. It is possible that you may have different results and experiences when using the software. It’s suggested that you try the antivirus yourself before purchasing. Though Norton doesn’t provide the free version like Avast, you can still use the 7-day trial to see how it works.

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