Krisp App Review: Best Free Noice Cancelling Software for Video Conference

krisp app remove background noise

Learn about Krisp app in this review to remove background noise and get cleaner audio while you are having video conferences.

Working from home sounds quite fun the first time, but after a long time, it gives another fatigue for some people. Some of them argue that they cannot find a cozy and quiet place to have a video conference. There is a lot of noise around them that becomes distractions, such as dog barking, children shouting, constructions, and vehicles. Even the keyboard typing and microphone buzz are considered a disturbance.

If you are one of those who are suffering from the background noise, then it’s time to use the Krips app. This small yet powerful app is a game-changer. It will help manipulate your mic and speaker so that you are likely in a quiet room. It boosts up your engagement and focuses on the speaker because it helps you remove the background noise.

In this post, you will learn more about Krisp, including its pricing, benefits, and alternative.

Let’s dive right in!

krisp app noise canceling

What is a Krisp app?

Krisp is free noise cancelling software. It removes annoying background noise around you, such as constructions, dog barking, chirping, vehicles, etc. when you are having a video conference.

It works in two ways, by putting a layer after your mic and before your speaker. Then, the layers filter all the loud sounds and leave only the speaker’s voice. In short, the Krisp app only focuses on the speaker’s voice.

Hence, you won’t hear the noise from your audience and other people will only hear your voice. This was done in real-time effortlessly, in order to provide clear audio and completely noiseless.

Krisp app is safe. All of the audio filtering processes are done on your computer. And your audio is not recorded in your device as well.

However, the Krisp app does have a recording feature that lets you record your calls. When you activate this feature, the Krisp app will record your call and the audio file will be stored in the cloud storage.

Krisp Benefits

krisp app

Krisp offers a lot of benefits for its users. Noise cancellation is its main benefit for you. It is perfect for everyone who is suffering from the noise while having a video conference.

What are the other benefits that Krisp app offers? Take a look at the list below:

  • AI-BASED NOISE CANCELLATION: It recognizes people’s voices and removes the background noise so that everyone can hear the speaker without any distraction.
  • FREE: Everyone can use Krisp for free, but the features are limited. Check the Krisp pricing in the section below to unlock its unlimited features.
  • HD AUDIO: Krisp provides crystal clear sound so you can hear the speaker’s voice uninterruptedly.
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY WITH ANY HEADSET, MIC, AND SPEAKER: Krisp app is compatible with any headset, mic, and speaker, either a build-in system or external devices.
  • RECORDING: You can record your meeting or make a podcast with audio as clear as crystal and share it with your colleagues.
  • LOW POWER: Krisp doesn’t require a high spec and great memory.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH +800 COMMUNICATION APPS: It has wide support for hundreds of communication apps, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, Webex, Genesys, Ring Central, and many more.

Those were some benefits that you will get if you use the Krisp app.

What are you waiting for?

Try Krisp for FREE now!

Krisp Pricing & Plan

Krisp is FREE forever!

It is quite unbelievable that you can use the Krisp app for free considering the benefits you get. But that’s the fact.

You can use it to remove the background noise while using Zoom or Google Meet. Plus, you will get an impressive audio quality which makes your online meeting or teaching becomes more convenient.

However, the free version of the Krisp app is only available for personal use. You will get 240 minutes of microphone and speaker noise-canceling for each week. Krisp also offers a recording feature with HD quality, just in case you want to record the meeting.

Besides, Krisp provides 1 GB of cloud storage to save your recording. Later on, you can download the recording file for any purpose.

Krisp app is being generous for offering such interesting features for free.

If you are satisfied with Krisp and need more advanced features, you can upgrade the plan anytime.

Krisp Personal Pro and Teams

Krisp pricing is cheaper than your coffee. With just $5 per month, you can enjoy all of the impressive features in Krisp, either for personal or team.

Meanwhile, with the same price, $5, you can have similar benefits for a team, up to 50 people. This is considerably low regarding the features your team will get.

Unfortunately, Krisp for Teams doesn’t offer a cloud storage feature to save your recording while having an online meeting or video conference.

FeaturesPersonalPersonal ProTeamsEnterprise
Time240 minutes per weekUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
HD audioYesYesYesYes
Room and acoustic cancellationYesYesYesYes
Cloud recording storage1 GB10 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Power saving modeYesYesYesYes
Virtual backgroundYes (with Krisp branding)YesYesYes
Team managementNoNoYesYes
VDI supportNoNoNoYes
Personalized onboarding programNoNoNoYes

Download Krisp App

Currently, the Krisp app is available for Mac and Windows computers only.

If you are interested and want to give the Krisp app a try, you can click the links below to get the installer app. You are free to download the Krisp app and install it on your computer.

Krisp for Windows Krisp for Mac
64-bit Windows 10 (preferably 1903 or higher)macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher
Intel®️ Core i3 or higherIntel®️ Core i3 or higher
AMD®️ Ryzen 3 or higherApple M1 ARM-based chip
Microsoft .NET Framework .NET 4.6.2 or later

Get Krisp app for Mac and Windows.

Krisp for Chrome

Unfortunately, Krisp for Chrome extension is no longer available. It is discontinued due to its performance limit in the future though it performed very well. The Krisp developer team wants to improve its performance and compatibility with other apps, but it is impossible to do in Chrome. Hence, they decided to discontinue the support for the Chrome extension.

Don’t worry if you have installed and used Krisp for Chrome. You can still use it as usual, but you will no longer receive any updates and supports. You won’t be able to find Krisp for Chrome anymore since it’s not available in Chrome Web Store.

Your Krisp account is safe, though. You don’t need to re-subscribe to use the service. Just get the Krisp app for Windows or Mac and log in to your account to use the service.

Krisp for iOS

Krisp Phone has been active for more than a year and was working very well. But it seems that it couldn’t be prolonged anymore. So the developer team made a decision to discontinue Krisp for iOS. They found it hard to develop the Krisp Phone because their main purpose is to improve the desktop version.

Hence, the developer team decided to take down Krisp Phone on the App Store. Since December 26, 2020, Krisp for iOS’s functionality was shut down for good.

Krisp for Android

If you are looking for Krisp for Android, I’m afraid that we have to let you down. Currently, Krisp for Android is not available. It is because Krisp’s main goal is to develop the desktop version and improve its performance and functionality.

However, we’ll update this page once Krisp for Android is available.

For now, you can use the desktop versions available. Check the tutorial below to know how to remove background noise using Krisp while you are having an online meeting on Zoom or Google Meet.

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How to Remove Background Noise on Zoom Using Krisp

To make Krisp fully functional with your apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Audacity, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Skype, and many more, you need to do a little setup in the first place.

The setup is quite easy to do and will be done in less than one minute. The method works for both Windows and Mac.

Here’s how:

1. Launch Krisp app.

krisp app

2. Select as System for the Microphone and Speaker.

3. Toggle the Remove Noise under the Microphone and Speaker to the right to turn it on.

4. Open your video conference app and go to Settings or Preferences. The example below is using Zoom.

5. Choose Audio.

6. Select Krisp speaker under the Speaker section.

7. Select Krisp microphone under the Microphone section.

8. When you use Zoom actively, Krisp will automatically start to remove the background noise. As it is running, it will look like this:

krisp app settings

5 Free Noise Cancelling Software – Krisp Alternative

Krisp app is one of the best free noise cancelling software around. It provides a clear sound by removing the background noise. It makes can focus on the meeting without being distracted by the loud sound around you.

However, if you think it doesn’t suit your need, you can check on the Krisp alternative apps below:

1. Noise Blocker

Noise blocker

Noise Blocker is a simple noise gate that blocks all the unwanted microphone noise while you are having a call, streaming, and playing a game. It works by taking a sample of the noise that you want to remove. Then, it checks all the incoming audio and mutes all the noise before sending the wanted audio-only.

Noise Blocker blocks annoying audio like background static, mic hum and buzz, laptop fan, keyboard typing, and mouse clicking. It has great compatibility with any apps, including Skype, Slack, Mumble, Discord, and Google Hangout.

However, Noise Blocker only works for Windows computers.

2. Samson Sound Deck

samson sound deck remove background noise

Samson Sound Deck is free noise-canceling software that works for gaming, call, and recording.

It uses an algorithm to analyze the noise and get rid of repetitive sound in order to give you a crystal clear sound at the end. Similar to Krisp, it is capable of recording audio and lets you export the file. You can use the recorded audio for a podcast or other purposes.

Samson Sound Deck also has an equalizer that lets you adjust the audio as you please. This is quite useful to customize the audio to sound the way you want.

Get Samson Sound Deck for Windows and Mac here.

3. SoliCall

solicall remove background noise

SoliCall helps to improve the audio quality by reducing the noise. But, it only works for phone calls. It has a feature called Noise Firewall that will provide clear audio by canceling the echo and noise.

Since its focus is on a phone call, SoliCall is best to use for call centers, conference bridges, open offices, and gateways. You can also use it to monitor the call quality to be used for improving the quality of service (QoS) in your VoIP network.

Try SoliCall now.

4. NoiseGator (Noise Gate)

NoiseGator Noise Gate

NoiseGator is a noise gate software that will provide a clear sound when you are talking to others via Skype. It works in real-time by analyzing the in and out audio. When the audio is too loud or too low than normal, NoiseGator will consider it as noise and cut the audio.

It has a Volume Boost setting where you can adjust the volume manually. You can also choose the input and output audio. There is also a mute button that you use to deaden the sound.

Get NoiseGator for Windows and Mac here.

5. Utterly

utterly remove background noise

Utterly is another free noise cancellation software that uses AI to remove background noise. It works with most video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Skype, and many more.

It works pretty simply like the Krisp app. Once you turn it on, it will integrate with other apps that use a mic and speaker. It will run automatically to remove background noise. No more annoying sounds like laptop fan, dog barking, construction, keyboard typing, and else.

Unfortunately, Utterly is only available for macOS at the moment. Windows users have to wait a bit longer.

Get Utterly for Mac.

Conclusions: Krisp App Review: Best Free Noise Cancelling Software for Video Conference

Krisp is one of the best free noise-canceling software you can have. You no longer need to stay in a cave to stay away from any distractions. In fact, you can have your kids and dog in the same room with you.

Plus, it has wide compatibility and is easy to use.

The free version is quite powerful to get rid of all of the background noise. It provides all the basic features that you need.

Even the Pro version is cheaper than your coffee.

Try Krisp and get free 240 minutes every week.

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