Headspace App: Your Daily Meditation Guide

headspace app

Let’s talk about Headspace app!

If you are new to meditation or looking for a way to cure your insomnia, this app will be of help to you.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What Headspace app is
  • Features of Headspace app
  • How to get the Headspace app

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Headspace app

What is Headspace app?

Headspace is your meditation guide app that helps you bring peace to your mind so that you can be more mindful, focus, and happier. Get the best advice from the experts to learn how to manage your mental health through meditation.

A great number of people are suffering from mental health issues like stress, anxiety, insecurity, overthinking, insomnia, depressive symptoms, denial, and many more. And the pandemic makes it worse. The results from studies done globally have shown that the number of cases is growing. The great loss of loved ones, uncertain situations, and financial turmoil are some of the reasons for the mental health issues.

Our mental health affects our mood, thinking, and behavior. People with mental health issues will show some symptoms like worry, extreme changes in moods, changes in eating, or sleeping patterns.

However, this may lead to a bigger and serious problem, like death.

So, how do you look after your mental health?

Meditation is one of the methods to keep your mind stay healthy. It helps you to improve your skill to manage your stress. Meditation will also increase your self-awareness, patience, tolerance, and creativity.

People who meditate regularly are shown to be calmer. And they have better resilience in dealing with hard situations.


Features of Headspace app

If you are interested in giving meditation a try at home, the Headspace app can be your great guidance app. This app provides everything that you need to meditate. There is advice from the experts that will teach you how to be mindful.

1. Focus Mode

Listen to the music to boost your concentration. In the Focus tab, you will find 12 different music stations including Lo-Fi Times and Corner Booth Jazz. Get your mind cluttered and clear from anything unnecessary.

2. Move Mode

The Move Mode in the Headspace app can help you to reduce your stress. In this mode, Olympians Kim Glass and Leon Taylor as the experts will train you on how to be mindful in 28 days. Every day, you will get a course as your home workout. By doing this, you are expected to train a habit that will improve your meditation skill.

3. Wake Up

Get inspiration every morning to boost your mood of the day. How you start your day will affect the rest of the day. The app gives you motivation every morning so that you get motivated to beat the day.

4. Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia? Are you trying hard just to get sleep? Headspace will help you to get your sleeping pattern back. Normally, we need around 8 hours to sleep for a day. Due to anxiety, overthinking, or other mental health problem, we cannot rest our minds. Thus, it causes us to lack sleep.

Headspace app uses relaxing sleep casts, dreamy soundscapes, and tranquil music to help you relax. By listening to that music, you can sleep easily.

5. SOS

The SOS mode will help you to be calm down when you get a panic attack. You can also use it to bring your mood back.

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How to get Headspace app

Download Headspace and get access to the library for free. Currently, the Headspace app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

  1. Click the download button above.
  2. Tap Get.
headspace app

Subscription pricing

To get access to all content in Headspace app, you need to pay the subscription fee. Here are the options:

  • $12.99 per month
  • $69.99 per year (that’s less than $5.99 a month)

Not sure yet? Headspace app gives you a free trial for 7 days. Try it on and feel motivated every day!

Thousands of people have got the advantages of Headspace and this time is your turn.

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