Google Lens App: Easy Way to Convert Images into Texts

google lens app

Google Lens app is able to convert images into texts. But this app is way more amazing than that. It can do a lot of things that will help you find information easier by using images.

This post will also cover:

  • What Google Lens is
  • How to use Google Lens app
  • Get Google Lens app for Android

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google lens app

What is Google Lens app?

Google Lens is a smart camera app that works as a search tool by extracting information from the picture you take. It uses the information to find an image that has a similar visual. Or, if the image is full of text, Google Lens will read or translate it for you.

The app uses machine learning and visual computing to translate the image into a search query. And then, it connects with the billions of answers that Google can provide. Thanks to the Google’s massive library that store tons of information.

What can I do with Google Lens?

Mainly, the app works as an image-based searching machine. But, it can do more than that.

Here are several things you can do with the app:

  1. Translator: The app will translate sentences and words into language that you understand.
  2. Find similar images: You can easily find similar things like clothes, furniture, goods, food, animals, etc. without describing them.
  3. Identify plants and animals: Don’t know the name of an animal or plant? Just take a picture with the Google Lens app and you will get information about them within seconds.
  4. Copy text: It is useful to copy information out of an image and paste it on your note.
  5. Find places: Get the information about the places or popular landmarks like the address, operational hours, stories, historical facts, and many more.
  6. Homework help: You can’t do your Maths homework? Take a picture of it and get results of how to solve it from the webs and videos.

Note: Google Lens app can help you to translate, find a similar image, find information about the image, copy text, find places, shop, and find restaurants.

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how to use google lens

How to use Google Lens app

Google Lens app is a handy app to help you search what you are looking for. Just take the picture of the product or text you want to get information from, and the information will appear within second.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Lens app.
  2. Point the camera to the thing you want to get information from.
  3. Choose what you want Google Lens to do for you.
  4. Press the shutter.

When you point the camera to a flower and take a picture of it, Google Lens will analyze it. Within seconds, the app will show several pictures that look similar withe the flower you took earlier. You will also get information related to the flower, like its name, how it grows, etc.

In addition, Google Lens works as a translator. This is a life saver when you go abroad and have no idea about the language on the sign. Just take a picture of the sign using Google Lens app. Voila! You will get the translation in your language right away.

The result that you will get will depend on the quality of the image that you take. Make sure that you take pictures in a great quality. Add more light to make the image becomes more clear.

what is google lens

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Google Lens App for Android

Google Lens app is available for Android. It is free and doesn’t need much requirements.

To use the service, you should be connected to the Internet because Google Lens uses Google’s library to provide related information you are looking for.

Google Lens for Android

Unfortunately, Google Lens for iPhone is not available at the moment. It’s probably available pretty soon.

We’ll let you know whenever Google Lens for iPhone is accessible. Stay tuned!

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