6 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Convert PDF to Docs and Images

6 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Convert PDF to Docs and Images

The following list of Google Chrome extensions will help you convert PDFs into various formats, including JPG, PNG, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

One of the most popular workflows in the design industry is taking a PDF and converting it to a digital file format. Finding a way to do this can be difficult for some designers, but luckily there are extensions that make this job much easier.

The Google Chrome extensions that we are going to share provide a free service for converting PDF files. But the features are limited. You need to go Pro in order to get unlimited access to the advanced features.

So, in this post, you will learn:

  • which PDF converter tool you should use,
  • the advanced features each PDF converter tool offered,
  • how to convert PDF to documents and images.

Let’s dive right in!

6 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Convert PDF to JPG, PNG, Excel, PowerPoint, & Word

1. Convertio – Best PDF Conversion Tool

Google Chrome extension
Convertio Chrome extension

Convertio is more than just a PDF converter. Not only it is capable of converting PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or JPG, but it’s also able to convert other types of files like videos, audio, images, fonts, archives, and ebooks.

So, it’s no wonder that Convertio is pretty popular as a converter tool. Plus, it has a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

To convert PDF to Word in Convertio, you just need to drop the files to the black dialog box or click Choose Files. Then, choose the destination format file that you desire. Next, press the Convert button and your files will be ready within minutes.

Convertio offers a free service with a 100 MB maximum file size. If you need more space, you need to upgrade your account to premium. Scroll down to see the Convertio pricing.

Convertio is available as a Google Chrome extension as a shortcut. So, whenever you need to convert PDF, video, audio, or other types of files, you can do it instantly.


Here are some benefits of Convertio that you will get:

  • Support 300+ file formats: Convertio is not only able to convert PDF to JPG, Words, Excel, or PNG, but it’s also able to convert video, audio, font, archive, and even ebook.
  • Simple and fast: Just drag and drop the file and click convert. Your file will be ready within minutes.
  • Cloud storage: It won’t take any space of your local storage as the conversion is done in the cloud.
  • It’s safe: Convertio will delete all files you’ve uploaded, including the converted ones, after 24 hours.
  • Custom settings: you can adjust the settings according to your need.
  • Big support for various devices: Convertio is browser-based platform and it means you can open it from any devices without installing any software.

Convertio Pricing

Price $9.99/mo$14.99/mo$25.99/mo
File size500 MB1 GBUnlimited
Concurent conversions2550Unlimited
Conversion minutes per dayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Conversion time per fileUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

If you use a PDF converter service pretty often, we suggest you pay it annually rather than monthly because Convertio offers up to 40% safe with annual plans.

To give you a picture, the following is how much you have to pay when you choose to purchase annually:

  • Light Plan: from $9.99 becomes $5.99
  • Basic Plan: from $14.99 becomes $8.99
  • Unlimited Plan: from $25.99 becomes $15.58

2. Smallpdf – Best for Teams

convert pdf to word, excel, powerpoint, jpg

Need to convert as well as combine and compress PDF files? Try Smallpdf.

Smallpdf is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to convert a PDF to a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation.

Not only able to convert a PDF to other editable Word documents, you can also merge or combine multiple PDFs into one document, sign a PDF document, and compress the size to be smaller without losing the quality.

Smallpdf also provides editing tools that allow you to annotate, add text, shapes, and images to your PDF files. This feature is quite useful for teachers as you can write feedbacks directly on your students’ PDF docs.

Smallpdf is available as a Google Chrome extension for quick access. However, it is also available for Android and iOS devices.


Here are other features of Smallpdf that will be useful for you:

  • Protect PDF: Your PDF contains important and top secret information? Just add password and encrypt your PDF file.
  • Sign your PDF: It allows you to sign directly on a PDF file effortlessly. And you can request people to sign it.
  • Split PDF: Only need certain pages from the PDF? Use split feature to extract the exact pages you need and save them as a separate PDF.
  • Compres PDF: It lets you to resize the PDF files to be smaller without reducing the quality.
  • Work for teams: Smallpdf supports collaborative work that allows you to work in group up to 50 people.

Smallpdf Pricing

Do you want to test how good it is? Try Smallpdf for free then. As a free user, you will have access to all 21 Smallpdf tools, but you can only convert PDF up to 2 files per day. Otherwise, you have to upgrade to premium.

Smallpdf offers 3 types of premium plans:

Price per month$12 (or $9 billed yearly)$10 (or $ 7 per user, billed yearly)Custom
Document processingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

3. Smart PDF

Smart PDF - convert PDF
Smart PDF

If all you need is just a PDF converter, then check Smart PDF.

Smart PDF is a tool that focuses on converting PDF to JPG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and vice versa.

That’s it!

Unlike Convertio or Smallpdf that provides editing tools and support various types of file, Smart PDF is straightforward.

Smart PDF values your privacy. They claimed that they don’t store files on their server and will delete them when you close the window.

For quick access, you can get the Smart PDF Chrome extension on your browser.

To convert PDF, you can click on the extension icon and choose the destination formats: JPG, Word, Excel, and PPT. Next, you will be taken to the conversion page. Drag and drop your file to the dialog box and hit Convert. Your file will be ready in a blink.


Here are some benefits you’ll get when using Smart PDF:

  • Simple to use: Just drag and drop the file that you want to convert and it will be ready within seconds.
  • Cheap: It’s because Smart PDF only focuses on converting PDF files to documents and images.
  • Secure: Smart PDF doesn’t keep your files and delete them right after you close the window
  • Cloud Storage: If you need to keep your PDF file future usage you can use the cloud storage service, but it’s only for the premium accounts.

Smart PDF Pricing

There are only two plans available: Free and Premium.

Upload size20 MBUnlimited
Conversion speedNormalHigh
Task per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Secured connectionYesYes
Sync with mobileNoYes
Cloud storageNoYes

4. iLovePDF

iLovePDF - convert PDF

iLovePDF is an online service that allows you to convert PDF documents online for free. It converts PDF files into editable text and lets you convert them back to PDFs, too.

Furthermore, there are lots of useful tools that you can use to edit and custom your PDF files. The tools allow you to add watermark, rotate, split, merge, protect, sign, and even repair corrupt PDFs.

iLovePDF is available as a Google Chrome extension for free users. So, you can convert and edit PDF right from your browser quickly. If you don’t like to install any software, it is a good deal.

However, this PDF converter tool is also available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It means you can use the tool offline, without an internet connection.

With the mobile app, you can turn your Android or iPhone into a PDF editor and scanner to annotate, sign, and share documents effortlessly.


Here are some of the benefits of using iLovePDF:

  • Provide lots of useful tools to edit and custom PDF files, such as merge, split, compress, sign, rotate, protect, and many more.
  • Support desktop version for Windows and Mac so that you can work offline.
  • Support mobile version for Android and iOS and allows to turn your device into a PDF scanner or editor.
  • Secure: delete all your archives within two hours.

iLovePDF Pricing

iLovePDF offers two types of plans besides the free one. Below is the features comparison of the plans.

Price $0$7/mo or $48/yearlyContact Sales
Access to iLovePDF toolsYes (limited)YesYes
Docs processingLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Work on WebYesYesYes
Work on Mobile and DesktopNoYesYes
Create eSignNoYesYes
Flexible payment optionsNoNoYes
Dedicated hardwareNoNoYes

Tips: Pay annually and you will save 40%.

5. PDF Converter Online

Free PDF Converter Online
PDF Converter Online

PDF Converter Online is another converter tool you can consider. It’s easy to use and completely free.

PDF Converter Online is quick and simple. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and vice versa in just one click.

Since it is available as a Google Chrome extension, you can do all the conversion tasks right from your browser.

To convert PDF files, you can just simply click the icon and select the destination format.

However, since it is free, the service is limited. You can only convert files up to 20 MB.


Here are some benefits that you will get when using PDF Converter Online:

  • Free: No need to purchase or subscribe to use this PDF converter tool.
  • Easy and accurate: You can simply convert PDF in a few clicks without leaving your browser.
  • Support all basic formats: Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG.


It’s completely FREE.

6 Free PDF Converter

Free PDF Converter
Free PDF Converter

Need a free PDF editor with reliable service? Try Free PDF Converter.

Free PDF Converter is not only able to convert PDF to JPG, Word, Excel, and PPT, but it also provides many useful tools to edit your PDF files.

With this free PDF Converter, you can have access to merge, split, edit, merge, unlock, protect, and add watermark for free effortlessly.

Besides, it is capable to convert HTML to PDF and vice versa.

Since it is available as a Google Chrome extension, all the converting tasks can be done in your browser.


Check on the following benefits you will get from Free PDF Converter:

  • Easy to use: Just choose the task and PDF file you want to convert.
  • Offer useful tools: It allows you to split, merge, unlock, edit, add watermark, and many more.
  • Free: No need to purchase anything in order to use the service.


It’s completely FREE.

How to Convert PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, PNG, PowerPoint

Basically, all PDF converter tools that we have listed above offer a simple and similar way to convert PDF files to other formats, such as Word, JPG, Excel, PNG, and PowerPoint.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose the destination format or task, for example PDF to Word or PDF to JPG.
  2. Select the file you want to convert. Some tools allow you to drag and drop the file.
  3. Hit the Convert button and wait until it’s completed.
  4. Download the converted file.

Some tools let you do many files at once, but this feature usually is available in the Premium version only.

Is it safe to convert PDF online?

PDFs are known to be the most secure way to store data. It is because of its ability to protect text, images, or layout information. PDFs are more than just a format for storing data – they are also a file type that can be converted into other formats like DOCX.

However, there is some concern about how safe it is to convert PDF online. There are reports of malware on websites that offer conversion services and these websites can easily steal your sensitive data without you knowing it.

Thus, it is important to choose a PDF converter tool that offers good security and protection.

Convertio, for instance, uses a secure channel (SSL) with HSTS enabled between your devices and their servers. It prevents data to be changed or divided. The files are linked to your IP address, thus the final file can only be accessed by the person who did the conversion.

Smallpdf also offers protection using 256-bit TLS encryption for secure information transfer. And they claimed to be ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

iLovePDF even allows you to convert PDF offline. You only need to install the app on your PC or Mac to do it. Use this app if you are afraid that other people might steal your information.



Those were the Google Chrome extensions that can help you convert PDF to documents and images effortlessly. Some of the tools offer services beyond just converting PDF. You can merge, split, compress, add watermark, eSign, and many more.

Basically, they provide free service but with limited features. If you want to go Pro because you need to use the advanced features, it’s better to know what you need in the first place.

Choose Convertio if you need a tool that can convert and support almost all formats.

Select Smallpdf if you are working in a team.

SmartPDF is pretty decent if all you need is just a PDF converting tool.

Afraid of using PDF converter online? Use iLovePDF since it is capable of converting PDF offline. Plus the mobile version can change your device to be a PDF scanner.

So, which PDF converter tool that you want to use?

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