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Create more engaging and fun online courses with your students using Canvas Teacher.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, many schools and universities are closed. The teaching and learning are now conducted online to keep both teachers and students safe from infection. Teachers can send their materials to the students through the internet. And the students can study the lesson at home with their parents’ assistance.

However, these sudden changes cause issues in many aspects. Instructure suggests that there were 49% of students are struggling to focus on their schoolwork. Also, around 38% of parents were juggling work responsibilities with their kids’ schooling. The percentage was even higher for younger children.

Since no one was expecting that the pandemic would hit this hard, they didn’t prepare a system for conducting online courses. And this was one of the reasons why the issues above happened. Therefore, to reduce the risks that happen in online classrooms, you need a competent and efficient online courses management system.

Hence, we suggest you use Canvas. Canvas offers a better online classroom experience for teachers, students, and also parents. It has great features that will make your teaching and learning become more fun.

Canvas has more than 650,000 active members who have felt the benefit. In fact, there was an 85% yoy increase in using Canvas for online learning in March 2020. They found out that Canvas is very helpful in creating a good environment in online courses.

Now, it’s your turn to get the benefit of Canvas. If you are a teacher, this is by far the best online classroom management system that you should have. Scroll down to get to know more about Canvas for teachers.

What is Canvas Teacher?

Canvas Teacher is a learning platform that facilitates teachers conducting their online courses. It has a complete feature that helps teachers create more fun and engaging digital classrooms for the students. The app allows teachers to post assignments, grades, modules, discussions, announcements, quizzes, and many more.

As a learning platform, Canvas is available in two versions: free and paid. Try Canvas Teacher to get a Free-for-Teacher account now.

The main difference between Canvas free and paid versions is on the services. The paid version has more complete features compared to the free one. However, I think the free version of Canvas has already provided enough basic features that you need for your online courses.

To see more about the features of Canvas for Teachers, check the table below.

FeaturesPaid CanvasFree for Teacher
Course-level Features (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Grades, People, Pages, Files, Syllabus, Outcomes, Quizzes, Modules, Conferences, Collaborations, Course Settings)✓✓
Third-party/SSO AuthenticationCustom authentication with any available authentication providerCanvas authentication, Facebook, GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter
Canvas-Enabled External Tools (LTIs)Chat, New Quizzes Quizzes tool, Roll Call Attendance, SCORM (Assignments)𐄂
File StorageMB set by admin 50 MB user/group*500 MB/course 50 MB user/group*
NotificationsSMS, Email, SlackSMS, Email
Third-Party External Apps Management (LTIs)Account/course levelCourse level
User RolesStudent, Teacher, TA, Designer, Observer + Custom RolesStudent, Teacher, TA, Designer, Observer
Canvas Commons Resources✓✓
Blueprint Course Templates✓𐄂
Account and Sub-account Management✓𐄂
Account and Sub-account Branding (Theme Editor)✓𐄂
Custom User Permissions✓𐄂
Terms Management✓𐄂
Require Usage Rights for Uploaded Files✓𐄂
New Quizzes LTI✓𐄂
Multiple Grading Periods✓𐄂
Calendar Scheduler✓𐄂
Canvas Customer Support/Admin Ticketing System✓✓^
Admin Tools, Data, and Reports✓𐄂
Student Information System (SIS) Imports✓𐄂


*Student assignment submissions are not counted toward the user quota. Student group submissions are not counted toward the group quota.
^Canvas Support will only accept support emails from Free-fo-Teacher users regarding deleting accounts, restoring deleted courses, resetting passwords, and making courses public.

For more details about the paid and free Canvas comparison, download this PDF file.


6 Reasons to Use Canvas Teacher

In this section, you will learn why you should use Canvas Teacher for conducting your online courses.

1. Deliver Module Easily

Canvas lets you deliver your teaching modules and assignments to your students effortlessly. There is no limitation to the types of files that you can upload to Canvas Teacher, such as doc, PDF, PPT, mp3, mp4, etc. Once they are ready, you can publish them and your students will get a notification that there are modules and assignments. And the students can simply check them through their Canvas Student app straight away.

2. Better engagement

Having good communication between teachers and students is key to have successful online teaching and learning. This is quite a common issue that happens in both online and offline courses. And Canvas understands this issue and wants to reduce it. Hence, it offers a message feature that allows you to reach your students easily and vice versa.

If you think that communicating through text is not enough, try to upload an audio or video. Canvas for teachers lets you upload files like audio or video to support your teaching. Once your audio or video is delivered, your students can easily listen or watch it from their Canvas Students app effortlessly.

In addition, you can provide feedback to your students’ work individually. This can help the students to improve their work and they will feel like being well-supervised.

3. Ease of Access

Online courses can be done everywhere at any time. And Canvas Teacher app is supporting it.

Canvas for teachers has an elegant user interface which makes it easy to operate. You can access your online courses, both from a web browser or mobile app, as long as you have access to the internet.

Moreover, the Canvas Teacher app lets you send assignments and module courses simply from your tablet or mobile phone. Similarly when you have to check and grade your students’ work. All can be done anywhere at any time.

4. Multimedia support

Some students are having difficulties understanding paper modules. But with Canvas, you won’t have similar problems again.

Canvas allows teachers to share videos and audio recordings to help the students understand the lesson better. Students can repeat the video until they have a full understanding of the materials before moving to a new one. If that’s not enough, arrange a video conference with your students through Canvas.

5. Track Students’ Performance

Canvas Teacher provides stats that will show your students’ performance. The stats tell you which students are being active in the classroom as well as their progress. From there, you can see which students that need to be encouraged more.

Then, use the message feature to communicate with students that show low progress or performance and ask for their difficulties personally. Once you understand the problems, you can find solutions to help the students back on track.

6. Easy integration with external apps

Do you use other platforms like Quizlet and Google Classroom to teach too?

Canvas for Teacher allows you to integrate with such learning platforms. It helps your students to learn from one place only. So, they don’t need to create accounts on other platforms which mostly leads to confusion.

Go to the App Center on Canvas Teacher to see the external apps that you can integrate with. Here are some of the apps: Google Classroom, Quizlet, Scootpad, Merlot, Flipgrid, Screencast O’Matic, Khan Academy, Kikora, and many more.

canvas teacher

How to get Canvas Teacher App

Canvas Teacher app is available for Android and iOS devices. Click the links below to get the app on your devices.

canvas teacher for android
canvas teacher for ios

Unfortunately, the Canvas Teacher app for PC, Windows, or Mac is not available at the moment. Since it is a web-based platform, you only need a web browser to log in to Canvas.

Click here to direct you to the Canvas login page.


How much does Canvas cost?

There is no information about how much Canvas costs on their website. However, the cost may vary depending on the courses, supports, services, and also memory size.

Canvas offers a free teacher account with basic functions. The free account may not have features as complete as the paid ones, but it is still worth it to try.

If you are interested to create your online courses, try Canvas Teacher to get a Free-for-Teacher account now.

Bottom Lines

Canvas is trying to provide a better online teaching and learning experience. This platform has pretty complete features which are very useful and helpful for teachers and students.

The elegant user interface makes it pretty handy to use, so you won’t need a long time to get used to it.

Canvas will also help you to have a better engagement with your students. You can communicate with them whenever they need guidance.

It also has stats that will show you the students’ performances. From there, you can see which students that need to be encouraged more.

Most importantly, Canvas supports integration with other apps. It is very handy because you will have more resources to create fun teaching and learning.

To get more information about Canvas Teacher, feel free to Contact Supports.

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