10 Best Places to Get Background Music for Video

background music for videos

Where to get background music for video? Here, you will find the answer where you can have royalty-free music and sound effects for both commercial and non-commercial projects, such as video marketing, video games, YouTube, Instagram, films, weddings, and many more.

Music is one of the important aspects for video. Music can create moods that will add the value to the video. Sometimes, the music makes the video become more memorable. Hence, finding the most suited music for your video is the key.

When we talk about music, you must remember that it has license and royalty. Even when you are using royalty free music, it has license that you should pay attention to. Mostly, this kind of music can only be used for non-commercial video. And you must credit the artist when you use royalty-free music.

What will happen if you use free royalty music for a commercial video?

When you use a free royalty music for a commercial video, you will get a copyright claim and you need to either buy the license or change the music. Similar thing goes to YouTube video with monetization. Hence, the safest way to use music for commercial videos without getting copyright claim is buying the license.

In this post, you can check the 10 best places where you can get background music for your video projects. They provide high-quality music and sound effects. The music are available in various moods and genres.

Let’s get started!

background music for videos

10 Best Places to Get Background Music for Video

1. Artlist.io

artlist music

Music license: royalty free

Artlist.io is one of the best places to get background music for your videos. Currently, it has over 18,000 songs of various genres and moods in its library.

Artlist music and SFX have a universal license that allows you to use them for any purposes like YouTube, video games, Instagram, TikTok, presentations, commercials, film festivals and cinema, podcasts, weddings, and many more.

Most importantly, the license is unlimited. It means once you have used the Artlist music and SFX in your video, the license will stay in your video forever. It has no expiration date. Even if your subscription is over.

1. Music and SFX are updated every day.
2. It has over 18,000 songs in the library.
3. Artlist music is royalty-free with a subscription.
4. The file type is WAV 16 bit, 44.1 kHz MP3 320 kbit/s.
5. The license can be used for any purpose.
6. Lifetime use of music and SFX.
1. Daily download is limited to 40 songs and 100 SFX.
2. You need to send an email to unsubscribe.
3. Artlist io bills yearly.

Sign up for free now. No credit card required.

2. Bensound

bensound music

Music license: free license with attribution & pro license

Bensound is another platform where you can find royalty-free music for YouTube videos or other multimedia purposes. Unlike Artlist io, Bensound only provides background music for videos. No SFX is available on this platform.

The Bensound music license comes in two types: FREE and PRO. The Bensound free music is available for anyone. You can download it without subscribing or signing up. It also allows you to use the free license music as background music for your YouTube videos. However, you must credit Bensound properly for using the music.

On the other hand, you must purchase starting from €34 EUR per track to use Bensound music with a standard license. Once you purchase the license, you no longer need to credit Bensound whenever you use the music.

Bensound music is sorted into eight categories: acoustic/folk, cinematic, corporate/pop, electronica, urban/groove, jazz, rock, and world/others.

1. Anyone can download and use Bensound free music with credits.
2. The files come in MP3 and WAV.
3. The licenses for the tracks are valid forever.
4. Unlimited daily download.
1. Purchase per track.
2. Renewal is not automatic.

Subscribe Bensound now.

3. Storyblocks Audio

storyblocks audio

Music license: royalty free

Another place to get background music for videos is Storyblocks Audio. It has a massive library with more than 72,000 music tracks and sound effects. There, you can find the best music for your personal and commercial video projects.

Storyblocks Audio offers unlimited stock music and sound effects with various genres, instruments, and moods. The content is updated once a month according to the most frequent search. For instance, if you frequently download happy and playful music, Stroyblocks Audio will add more music with those kinds of moods in the future.

Another great thing about Storyblocks Audio is its customer support. They have a kind and courteous staff that assist when questions arise.

1. Extensive audio library: 72,000+ music tracks and sound effects.
2. Unlimited download.
3. Royalty-free.
4. All songs are in MP3 or WAV formats.
5. Responsive customer support.
1. Plans bill annually.
2. The search function is very limited.

Join Storyblocks Audio for free.

4. Epidemic Sound

epidemic sound youtube

Music license: royalty free

Epidemic Sound is another platform where you can find high-quality royalty-free sound effects and music for video editing projects. Once you subscribe, you will get full access to more than 35,000 music tracks and 90,000 sound effects. With that extensive library, you will be able to find the audio that you need for your video projects.

Interestingly, Epidemic Sound allows you to download the audio per stem. Besides the full mix, every music in Epidemic Sound is also available in several stems: melody, instruments, bass, and drums. For example, you want to have the instruments without the lyric. Then, you only need to download each stem and combine them. The same thing goes if you only need certain audio-only, like the bass or drum.

The sound effects in Epidemic Sound are pretty complete. You can get sounds effects from typing to burping.

1. High-quality music and sound effects.
2. Cancel subscription anytime.
3. Able to download audio per part.
4. 35,000 music tracks and 90,000 sound effects.
1. No notification for a payment plan after free trial.

Start Epidemic Sound free trial.

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5. Audio Network

audio network

Music license: royalty free

If anyone has ever attempted to obtain music licensing through ‘regular’ channels, they will be familiar with the black hole of endless bureaucracy and seemingly never-ending barriers and difficulties that can arise. A business like Audio Network is a breath of fresh air. It has over 175,000 tracks with high-quality audio that are very well suited to the storyline and scenes.

The music from Audio Network brings to the audiovisual important moods and melodies. To make a stunning memorable video, music cannot be separated. And people have happier lives because they have good memories to look back on.

An amazing library of music to choose from and very easy to search and navigate the site. The simple search function and a huge inventory of appropriate matches make this a simple task. The download was fast, and the music quickly imported into video editing software. Even, the price is fair.

1. Advanced filters by BPM, key, meter, and lyric.
2. Licensed for multiple platforms.
3. Over 175,000 tracks.
4. Elegant user interface.
1. Doesn’t support China’s Online payment service.
2. No clear information on the page for the subscription of the limited access to the catalog.
3. No sound effect.

Sign up for Audio Network to download 10 tracks for your projects.

6. Soundcloud

background music for video

Music license: royalty free

Soundcloud is platform where you can listen for music and audio for free. As a creator, you can also upload your songs, music, and sound effects to this website so that everyone can hear and download them for free. Needless to say, Soundcloud is one of an awesome place to get background music for videos.

Though Soundcloud allows you to download the songs and music on its platform for free, you need to check for its copyright. Because it is the artist who owns the copyright, not Soundcloud. There are some artists who allow you to download and use their music for free. All you need to do is credit them in your video.

Here are some artists that let you use their tracks as background music for video:

  1. Twisterium
  2. Bluetreeaudio
  3. Soundotcom
  4. AShamaluevMusic
  5. E-soundtrax
1. Unlimited free download.
2. Royalty-free.
3. Find music and songs based on tren and popularity.
1. You need to include a specific keyword to search.
2. Not all music has no copyright term.
3. All music and song are full-mixed.

7. Mixkit

background music for video

Music license: royalty free

If you are looking for free background music for video, Mixkit is one of the best places to go. All stock music and sound effects are available for free that you can use for your video projects, both commercial and non-commercial. No registration or subscription plan to download the audio on this platform.

Mixkit keeps constant updates of their media every week with various moods and genres. All of these are royalty-free and completely free to use. Just type the keyword in the search bar to find the audio that you need. Or, browse through genres, moods, and tags for easy search.

Once you find the audio that you are looking for, press the play button to preview it. Make sure that the music suits your need. Then, you can download the audio and apply it to your video.

1. All music and sound effects are available for free.
2. Free license for all music and sound effects.
3. Free License can be used in your commercial and non-commercial projects for free.
4. No registration or subscription.
1. Free license music cannot be used for video games, and TV and radio broadcast.

8. Audio Jungle

audio jungle - background music for video

Audiojungle provides two ways to purchase the music and sound effects on its platform: buy per item or subscription. The price for each music is varied, depending on the quality, length, number of tracks, and many more. Basically, Audiojungle has a fair price – start from $1. You can choose this option if you are not a full-time video creator.

However, if you want to get an unlimited download for background music of your video editing, it is better to subscribe to the Audiojungle service. The individual plan starts from $16.50/mo and the team plan is $10.75/mo per member.

By subscribing to the service, you will not only have access to 1,529,237 audio but also over 50 million stock photos and videos. It has included courses and tutorials to improve the quality of your video projects.

1. Purchase per item.
2. Simple and advanced search.
3. Extensive audio library.
4. Courses and tutorials provided.
1. Have 5 different music licenses depending on the audience size.

Are you a student? Sign up now to get 30% off.

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9. ccMixter


Music license: royalty free with attribution

ccMixter may not look as fancy as other platforms, but you can download and use all music in this platform for free. It lets you to use the music for both commercial and non-commercial video projects. No purchasing is needed to use the music from this platform. You only need to credit the artists.

Even though ccMixter offers you a free download, you can also support them by donating to them for $1/mo. It’s pretty cheap if you compare it to the service that you will get – unlimited download.

However, the search feature is not as advanced as Audiojungle or other platforms. Plus, the music is not sorted based on the genres, instruments, or mood. So, you need to put a specific keyword to find the music.

1. All music is available for free.
2. You only need to credit the artists.
1. Search feature is based on keywords.
2. Old-school user interface.
3. Music is not categorized based on the genres and moods.

10. Ashamaluevmusic

background music for video

Music license: royalty free

Basically, all music in Ashamaluevmusic is free to download and use. You can use it for free for your social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, documentaries, films, and many more. As long as you use it for a non-commercial video projects, you don’t need to buy the license. All you need to do is credit Ashamaluevmusic.

However, you may receive a copyright claim if you use it on YouTube and monetize your video. If you need to use the music badly, you must buy the license to use it on your YouTube video. Hence, your video is free from copyright claim.

Ashamaluevmusic has various categories that will help you find music easily. Just click on the label on the page to get the music list. Plus, they provide a high quality MP3 audio, 320kbps.

1. Free download.
2. Free copyright and royalty for any purposes, except YouTube monetization and commercial use.
3. High quality audio – 320kbps.
1. WAV is not available.
2. Instruments audio is limited to piano, guitar, ukulele, and orchestral.

Bottom Line

Those were the 10 best places to get background music for video. Basically, each platform offers almost similar services. And you need to pay attention that even though some of them give you free royalty to use their music for video games, video editing, or other purposes, you need to credit them, at least.

Also, be careful when you want to use royalty-free music for YouTube video with monetization. You will likely to receive a copyright claim. Thus, it’s safe to buy license if you want to use music for commercial videos.

Which platform is your favorite to get background music for video? Why do you choose that website? Do you have other websites that we haven’t mentioned in the list above? Please write in the comment box below.

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