9 Amazing AI Copywriting Tools to Help You Create Better Content

AI copywriting tools

There are many AI-powered copywriting tools available in the market today. In this article, we will focus on a few of them and their benefits.

The content marketing industry has been going through a revolution in the past decade. With companies realizing that generating content for their brands has a direct impact on their ranking on search engine result pages, they have started investing more in content creation.

The rise of AI writers has played an important role in the change of the content marketing landscape. They have transformed how people create and distribute content online, by providing tools that not only generate ideas but also put them into words for you to use.

AI writers are excellent copywriting generator tools that give you all kinds of options to create a great copy at scale without having to think about it too much.

These AI copywriting tools allow you to create content in a fraction of the time it takes to write an article from scratch. These little pieces of software have come a long way from just being content generators that provide content ideas instantly. You can now fully customize your copy by selecting the tone, voice, and style that best suits your needs.

Here are some benefits of using an AI copy generator:

  • Save you time
  • Avoid writers’ block
  • Get contents with various tones
  • Speed up your writing process
  • Help with brainstorming
  • and more

Now, let’s check the best AI copywriting tool for you!

9 Amazing AI Copywriting Generators to Help You Create Better Content

1. Jarvis – Best AI Writer

AI copywriting tool
Jarvis AI

Got writer’s block? Try Jarvis AI. It is the best AI writer you can use to get the words right.

Jarvis AI is a powerful copywriting tool to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more with amazing results. It has been used by more than 30,000 companies, such as Google, Airbnb, Logitech, IBM, HarperCollins, and more, to help them create content for marketing.

Just insert the topic, description, and keywords, and Jarvis AI will help you generate copy automatically. It is easy and fast. You can even set up the tone that you want to use for your copy.

Jarvis is really a game-changer for both a serious copywriter and a non-native English speaker. It has helped many people create better content and increase engagement with their readers.


Here are what Jarvis AI can do for you:

  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Finish your first draft 2-5x faster
  • Boost ad conversions with better copy
  • End writer’s block with ideas from robot
  • Breakthrough the language barrier
  • Scale up your content marketing fast


Jarvis offers three types of plans with different prices and benefits. You will get cheaper prices and 2-month free if you purchase it annually.

  • Starter Plan ($29/mo or $24/mo billed annually) – In this plan, you will only get 20,000 words per month. You will also get 50+ short-form copywriting templates that are useful for writing headlines, descriptions, and bios. It also includes unlimited users and 25+ supported languages.
  • Pro Plan ($109/mo or 90/mo billed annually) – This plan is perfect for writing long form content such as blog posts, video scripts, and books because you will get unlimited words.
  • Boss Mode ($119/mo or $99/mo billed annually) – You will get all features in the Starter and Pro plans, including the 2,000-3,000 character lookback, unlimited runs, and Jarvis commands.

Jarvis offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

2. Writesonic

ai copywriting generator

Need some inspiration to say exactly what you mean? Writesonic will help you find the best words for you.

Writesonic is a powerful copywriting generator that is able to help you write better content for your marketing purposes. This AI content generator supports different types of businesses such as small businesses, non-profit, and large businesses. It has an AI engine that is able to generate content without any limitations on the number of words or length of time needed.

This AI writer tool is easy and simple to use and it is developed by professional copywriters. It is best for people who need to quickly create quality marketing materials for their company website or social media pages.

Most importantly, Writesonic follows copywriting formulas like Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA.


Here are what Writesonic can do for you:

  • Write website copy like landing pages, headers, or SEO meta descriptions.
  • Create digital ads copy for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Write articles for blogs which include grammar fixer, content rephraser and expander, readibility checker, and more.
  • Formulate ecommerce copy for Amazon and sales emails.
  • And more


Writesonic has four types of plans to offer. Interestingly, Writesonic also gives access to the free trial for almost all features, but with a few credits.

What is credit? It is a number that will be reduced once you generate some content. The deducted number of credits is different depending on the type of content you create. The higher the plan, the higher the credits.

  • Free Trial ($0) – If you want to know the quality, Writesonic offers a free trial for you. You will get access to the free, basic, and even advanced features, such as YouTube titles, readibility checker, article summaries, copywriting formulas, SEO metatags, AI article writer, blog intros, and more.
  • Starter ($13.05/mo or $11.25/mo billed annually) – This plan is great for new marketers. You will get similar features to the free trial, but with more credits to use – 75 credits per month.
  • Professional ($44.55/mo or $40.05/mo billed annually) – This plan is perfect for small business and marketing pros. All access are open for you with unlimited credits, but for the advanced features, you will only get 150 credits.
  • Business ($224.55/mo or $202.05/mo billed annually) – If you want to write copywriting at scale, this plan is the best for you. Beside having access to all features, you will also get the priority support. And your credits for the advanced features are increased to 1200 credits.

3. CopyAI

copyai - copywriting tool

Need to create a fast and fresh copy? CopyAI is a fast, simple, and easy-to-use writing app that helps you compose high-performing social media content, digital ad copy, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, and sales copy with AIDA format.

CopyAI works pretty simply. Firstly, you should decide the type of copy you will create. Then, choose the headlines, blog intros product descriptions, and else. You should also insert the company name and 1-2 sentences about the product. Once everything’s set, click the button and you’ll get 10 results in no time.

CopyAI has been helping more than 250,00 marketers creating a powerful copy. Thanks to the GPT-3 that enables it to produce a human-like copy instantly. As a marketer, this is one of the best copywriting tools you must have.

Stop your frustration and get inspired. Try CopyAI now.


CopyAI will help you create:

  • Digital ad copy for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn Ads.
  • Social media content like captions and brainstorm topics.
  • Website copy, such as hero text, subheaders, and meta descriptions.
  • ecommerce copy like product descriptions and benefits, and microcopy.
  • Blog content, such as blog titles, ideas, outlines, intro, bullet points to full blog.
  • Sales copy with AIDA, Pain-Agitate-Solution and Before-After-Bridge schemes.


CopyAI offers three types of plans you can select:

  • Free Trial ($0) – Choose this plan before you decide to subscribe CopyAI. For the trial, you will get 7 days of free access and 100 runs a day.
  • Solo ($49/mo or $35/mo billed yearly) – If you work individually, this plan is best for you. You will get unlimited runs, access to all tools and newest features, and translate your copy into more than 25 languages.
  • Multiple Seats – If you are working in a team, this plan is perfect for you. You’ll get access to all Solo plan features plus collaboration features. For the price, you’ll need to contact support.

4. Shortly

copywriting generator

Writer’s block is a disaster. Your brain is stuck. Cannot think of any words. And you keep staring at a blinking cursor or a blank paper.

Do you face similar problems? Shortly can help you get rid of that stressful situation. It is a high-powered AI writing partner that you can rely on to get your thoughts on paper. This copywriting tool can help you write 10x faster than usual.

Shortly offers three basic features, yet very useful for you: expand, rewrite, and shorten. You can use it to expand your sentences into a paragraph instantly.

It’s also helpful to rewrite or rephrase sentences like QuillBot AI. Most importantly, the AI output is completely original and passes all common plagiarism checkers. Besides, if your sentence is too long, you can use Shortly to shorten it.


  • With only two plans that offer similar features, you should be able to decide which plan you are going to take.
  • It uses GPT-3 that is able to produce human-like copy for various purposes.
  • It has three commands that you can use for specific purpose.


Shortly only offers two premium plans. And you’ll get exactly the same features.

  • Annual plan ($65/mo billed annually) – This plan offers a bonus of 2 months free.
  • Monthly plan ($79/mo billed monthly)

However, Shortly offers a free trial to let you experience how helpful this copywriting tool is.

5. Copysmith – Best for marketer teams

Copysmith - copywriting tool

Staring at the blank paper but got no words to write? Check Copysmith AI writer. Insert some keywords and let Copysmith compile them into sentences for you instantly.

Copysmith is an AI copywriting generator that can generate high-converting ads, product descriptions, emails, and more in seconds. It is a unique platform for content creators who are looking for a time-saving solution to their copywriting needs.

Copysmith not only saves you time but also frees up space for creativity and helps small businesses reduce your marketing costs. It even allows you to do collaborative work with your teams.

As a marketer, you’ll love Copysmith because it provides mockup copies of your final form. It helps you visualize how your ads will look like before you publish them.


Here are some benefits of using Copysmith:

  • Create countless product descriptions that sell.
  • Instantly generate ads for social media.
  • Save and organize all your copy for your clients.
  • Collaborate with teams effortlessly.
  • Provide extension support for Chrome.
  • Support more than 60 languages.


Copysmith provides four plans you can take depending on your needs. Check the plans below:

  • Starter ($19/mo or $16/mo billed yearly) – You’ll get 50 credits, 20 plagiarism checks, access to over 35 free templates, create copy in 60+ languages, and Chrome extension.
  • Professional ($59/mo or $50/mo billed yearly) – In this plan, you can get all features of the Starter plan plus 100 long form blog generations, but it’s still beta. Your credit will be unlimited. And you’ll plagriarism checks will increase to 100. Plus it’s able to integrate with third party apps.
  • Teams ($118/mo or $100/mo billed yearly) – This plan is perfect if you are working in a team. Besides having increase on the plagiarism checks and long form blog generations – up to 500, you can also collaborate with your team and have access to project and file sharing.
  • Enterprise (Contact support) – This is the most advanced plan with unlimited access to the features.

6. Rytr – Best offer AI Writer

Rytr - copywriting generator

Do you need a long time to finish an article? Say no more with Rytr. It helps you generate content for landing pages, ads, captions, blog posts, copywriting, and many more in no time. You can even choose how the tone of your writing – casual, informative, formal, etc.

With Rytr, you will surprise yourself with how much time and brain energy it saves for you. It’s simple and easy to use.

Rytr generates not just one variant, but you can choose up to 3 variants of copy with a professional-sounding copy. So, you can compare and select the one that suits your need. Or, you can combine and edit them to be as your desire.


Rytr is a great AI writing tool that works like your personal assistant. It’s able to generate high-quality content instantly. And here are other tasks that Rytr can do for you:

  • Create copy for ads, blog, landing page, caption, bio, product description, and more.
  • Generate copywriting with AIDA and PAS frameworks.
  • Write copy in 30+ languages with 20+ tones of voice.
  • Manage your work in folders so that they are easy to find.
  • Provide a Chrome extension that allows you to integrate with other apps easily.


Rytr offers two plans:

  • Free plan ($0) – This plan allows you to generate only 5,000 characters per month.
  • Premium plan ($29/mo) – Choose this plan to get unlimited access to all features, including access to over 30 use cases, premium community, and dedicated account manager. You’ll also get a bonus of 2 months free if you pay $290/year in advance.

7. Wordhero

wordhero - AI content generator

Writer’s block is quite popular among article writers, copywriters, or social media managers. It is quite stressful when you cannot turn your thought into the exact words that you want to. What you need is a little boost to get some inspiration or ideas. Therefore, try Wordhero.

Wordhero is an AI writing tool with GPT-3 that helps you produce human-text content in no time. It saves hours of writing that you usually spend. It can also save thousands of dollars on hiring good copywriters that are usually expensive. And of course, it will boost your market and audiences.

Basically, Wordhero is best for anyone who wants to save time on writing. That includes entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, social media managers, article writers, copywriters, and even songwriters.


Check the following to see what you can do with Wordhero:

  • Get unlimited suggestions for marketing ideas, ads, emails, captions, headlines, and more.
  • Generate introductions, SEO meta descriptions, outlines, titles, and more.
  • Write unlimited poetry, song lyrics, fictional story ideas, book titles, and descriptions.
  • Provide unlimited suggestions for your offers, brand names, marketing, and more.


Wordhero only offers 1 plan: Pro Unlimited. You can subscribe monthly for $49, but it will be cheaper if you purchase annually: $29. With that price, you will get unlimited copy and access to 48 AI writing tools with additional tools every month.

8. Anyword

anyword - copywriting tool

Need some ideas for your product description? Anyword can help you write a unique product description that sells. Within a few seconds, you will get several options of how to describe your product in various tones. You can then edit it the way you like.

Anyword is a copywriting tool that you need to help you market your product. It is simple and easy to use. Just insert a URL, summary, or keywords of your product and you’ll get the best copy for your marketing. You can even choose the format you want AI to generate copy for, including the style and tone.

The interesting thing about Anyword is that you can train this AI copywriting tool to write content in your brand voice, similar to your competitors or your top-performing live ads.


Anyword offers a new feature that other copywriting tools might not offer yet – that is predictive performance score. This score will tell you about the potential engagement with your audience and how your audience will react to each of your copy variations.

Here are other things that Anyword can do for you:

  • Automatically optimize on-site copy to show the right message at the right time.
  • Generate well-written and engaging blog posts instantly.
  • Produce words that sell for your landing page, product description, title, ads, and more.


Ready to subscribe Anyword? Check the three pricing plans below:

  • Starter ($19/mo) – This plan is for individual only and you will be able to generate content up to 15,000 words every month.
  • Business – Unfortunately, the price is not stated, so you must contact support to get the information. This plan offers all features in Starter plan, but you will have unlimited words to generate. And you can use it for teams. However, this plan is still in Beta.
  • Enterprise – Similar to the Business plan, there is no information about the price. There are additional advance features that you will get on this plan. They include API integration, customized language models, and fully managed traffic acquisition.

9. Closerscopy

Closerscopy - AI copywriting tool

Want to create copy for blogs or social media instantly? Try Closerscopy!

Closerscopy is an AI copywriting tool that generates content ideas at scale. Closerscopy’s AI writing assistant will generate high-impact sales copy in seconds by combining all your existing content and social media posts into a custom-tailored document. It also ensures that your copywriting skills are put to use in the best way possible.

Closerscopy helps you stay on top of your game by generating content for you. You can spend more time on the creative part of your job and less time worrying about the technicalities.

Closerscopy AI writer tool is the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to generate copy for any business. It can do it all: from generating product descriptions and blog posts to promotional emails and case studies.


  • Support trained AI on actual sales conversations and successful marketing campaigns to create copy that sells.
  • Write unlimited long content for blogs and articles.
  • Provide over 50 marketing frameworks for various platforms.
  • Monitor your copy engagement through insight.
  • Collaborate with your team mates – it’s only available for unlimited plan.
  • Support 24 languages to reach bigger audiences.


There are three plans you can choose on Closercopy:

  • Starter ($29.99/mo or $20.00/mo billed yearly) – You will be able to write up to 50,000 characters per month if you choose this plan. You’ll also get access to see the insight of your content, templates, wizard, and many more. However, this plan is only for individual.
  • Professional ($49.99/mo or $34.99/mo billed yearly) – This plan offers all features in Starter, but you will have 200,000 characters every month. And it is still for individual purpose.
  • Unlimited ($79.99/mo or $55.99/mo billed yearly) – Choose this plan if you want to work in a team. But it’s only limited to 3 users max.



Those were the 9 best copywriting tools that you can use to avoid writer’s block as well as save you time. They are able to create high-quality content with human-like sounds.

However, each of them offers different benefits and you must know your need before deciding to purchase one.

Which copywriting tool is the best?

It is quite hard to answer this question due to the quality they have, but I prefer Jarvis AI. However, the Starter plan only offers 20,000 words. You might need to choose a higher plan if you write a lot every day. And it means you need to pay more money.

Meanwhile, if you are on a budget, Rytr or Wordhero is one of your best options. They offer a great price with great features. Plus, you can get unlimited words because they don’t restrict you with characters or credits.

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